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Buried Cable Removal Specialists

We remove, recover and recycle the now obsolete and decommissioned copper cables buried on rural Right of Ways using our specialized equipment.

Our unique reverse plowing system is significantly more productive than traditional salvage methods with minimal clean up. This technique has the same environmental impact as plowing in a cable and allows us to:

  • make a single knife-like cut above the cable and pull it to the surface removing it without the need for an open trench

  • work with speed and accuracy

  • plow close to existing cables

  • efficiently remove and clean up 1-2 miles (2-3 km) a day

  • clean up without impacting soil conditions as it leaves the topsoil and subsoil in place; ideal in farming areas


With the advancement of fiber optic cables into the telecommunication industry many of the legacy copper cables have become obsolete

We can remove these cables freeing up valuable space on the Right of Way. Since a lead shielding protects many of these cables they may become an environmental issue in the future.

The traditional method of salvage is trenching down to the cable. This can be slow, labor intensive and the disruption to the Right of Way can cause problems with grading and drainage that costs time and money to correct.

Our method, which is fast, efficient and clean solves all these potential problems.

Direct buried cable removal


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